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Build Your Own Beliefs

What experiences have led me to where I am today? What do I value in life? What is my reality? How do my interactions with others and with my surroundings change my point of view?

Have you been able to take time to think about these questions as you make your way down life’s path? If not, would you like to take the time?

The purpose of Build Your Own Beliefs is to provide an opportunity each semester for a small How does society affect group of SLU what you believe? students to contemplate and explore their personal backgrounds and understandings of life.

The layout of the program will guide group members through a reflective process to create a deeper sense How does who you are of self, and look at affect what you believe? how that self chooses to relate to loved ones, to humanity, to the natural world, and to the creative force of the universe.

The group meets once a week for 90 minutes. Along with individual reflections, conversation with peers asking similar questions will foster a greater respect for one’s own belief structure, and for the unique belief systems of others.

At the program’s conclusion each member will have synthesized his or her thoughts into a personal belief statement.

First Week: Expectations, Ice Breakers and a Smidge of Theory

Second Week: Looking Back on the Self

Third Week: Exploring Human Nature

Fourth Week: The Effect of Society and Culture

Fifth Week: Insights from the Natural World

Sixth Week: Your Image of the Creator Force

Seventh Week: Asking Unanswered Questions

Eighth Week: The Personal Statement of Belief

How to Join

E-mails announcing the formation of the next group are sent just prior to the beginning of each semester. Watch your e-mail!

Or, e-mail the University Chaplain at