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Gospel Service

Gospel Service 

“Come on in the Room with Rev. Shaun”
Sundays - 4:00 p.m. online/Facebook Live
The Chaplain’s Office offers a modified online format of the Gospel Service throughout the semester until social distancing attendance is allowed in Gunnison Chapel.

Our Mission

We are an inclusive and welcoming community – a congregation that welcomes and fully values all persons. Through this calling, different understandings of the ways God is active among us are openly shared and respected. Our diversity is a gift of the Creator and essential to our witness to the Gospel. Whereas we are rooted in the Christian tradition, we acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the many ways we find our way to the Divine. We seek to be living instruments of God's hospitality. THEREFORE WE WELCOME ALL PEOPLE.

Whoever you are, and where ever you find yourself on life's journey, you are welcome here!
Male or female, you are welcome here.
Child, youth, adult or elder, you are welcome here.
Whatever your ethnic origin, language or sexual orientation, you are welcome here.
Whatever your religious tradition or theological position, you are welcome here.
Whatever your economic status or political persuasion, you are welcome here.
You are God’s creation, and wide is God’s welcome.
Friends! You are Welcome in this Place!