Gospel Service | St. Lawrence University Chaplain's Office

Gospel Service

Every Sunday when school is in session.
Gunnison Chapel

Join us on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. for the weekly GOSPEL SERVICE!!
Music led by the SLU Community Gospel Choir! Come lift your voices with us!
Child care is provided during services.
"Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!"*
Whether you are a child, youth, adult or elder, you are welcome here
Whatever your ethnic origin or language, you are welcome here
Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity, you are welcome here
Whatever your religious tradition or your theological position, you are welcome here
Whatever your socio-economic status or political persuasion, you are welcome here
If you are spiritually weary and in search of rest
If you are mourning a deep loss in your life
If you are skeptical
If you have been hurt by religion
If you come full of doubts or confidence, joy or sorrow
You are welcome here!
Why? "You are God's creation and WIDE is God's welcome!"**
You are welcome in this place ~ just as you are.

Services are led by...
Rev. Dr. Shaun Whitehead ~Associate Chaplain & Gospel Choir Director (229-5062)
Rev. Kathleen Buckley ~ University Chaplain (229-5256)
Mr. Barry Torres ~ Gospel Choir Director & Band Leader (229-5171)