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Build Your Own Beliefs

Expectations and Core Values


Safety - Due to the nature of our discussions and activities, each of us needs to feel like we will be respected. Give everyone in this group the grace to explore their beliefs freely and openly. If you disagree or become agitated, your feelings will shed light on what YOU believe. 

Confidentiality – What is shared in this room stays in this room. Confidentiality is an aspect of trust that must be present if this exploration is to be valuable.

School Work – Your first priority at SLU is your schoolwork, and we do not want you to forsake your assignments for any work generated here. That being said we hope that you manage your time effectively so you can give yourself space to ponder the things we are doing and discussing.

Timeliness – Please be on time. For our purposes you might want to aim for being five minutes early to give yourself time to relax and center. Tardiness affects the group by extending our time together.

What Expectations do you all have of this group or us?

Core Values:

We are One – Our society supports notions of personal dichotomies: work/play, body/mind, good/bad and inner/outer. You are the sum total of all your experience, all are parts of a whole and none can be rejected.

We & All are Sacred – As the Desiderata states, “You are a child or the universe no less than the trees and the stars.” Created, inspired or evolved there is divinity in all life. You are a temple of the divine.

Power in Journals – Our minds race with thoughts. There is insight available to us about who we are if we just had all the pieces. A journal is an effort to capture the pieces, but it is only as good as the effort one puts in. Write down reflections as they come. It doesn’t have to be pretty or make sense! Carry it with you, and be sure to carry it to BYOB.

Three things needed for Spiritual Development:

Safe Space – all change involves risk; we cannot grow if we do not step outside the places we are comfortable. Having a safe place where the external risks are minimized is key to development.

The Source is Within – The spirit people of the world’s have given the same advice for finding the answers to life’s big questions: “go inside yourself.” You are your own sage and savior.

Collective Wisdom – We believe a group has more power to access insight and discover answers than an individual. This group as a collective will enhance the efforts of each of your separate journeys.