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Build Your Own Beliefs

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Build Your Own Beliefs (BYOB) is an 8 week program that helps students think about what they believe about themselves and the world around them. Graduates of BYOB are invited to enroll in BYOB II, an advanced class, where the topics are more difficult and some spiritual 'practices' are introduced. To learn more about BYOB, click on one of the links above.

"We are at an age where change slows. We're becoming more solid people. We are understanding ourselves (hopefully) better than ever before, and yet we are swept in an onrush of activity, of friends who may or may not feed us spiritually, of schoolwork that may or may not satisfy us internally, in a setting that may or may not feel like home, and a world we may disagree with.

So we wonder, what is it that we need to feel comfortable, stable? How do we access it? And where does it come from?

BYOB - Build Your Own Beliefs - is a program for anyone who feels ready to investigate their own spirituality. The questions you'll be asked to consider are relevant to the way you view the world and how you process the things that happen to you. Learn about meditation, access spirit through art, words, nature...

It is important at every stage of life to set some time aside to consider something larger than ourselves, but especially now. BYOB is a way to focus on ourselves, to challenge our set paths and to open possibilities. Whether or not we arrive at an answer, the questions themselves benefit our minds and spirits."

     ~by BYOB Participant, Nicole (Colie) Collen