New Community Mentor Application

Before beginning this application, please have te following documents ready to upload:

  1. Civic Engagement Vision Statement (a brief essay (250 words) that describes your Civic Engagement Vision. Your statement should speak to the population you are interested in working with and how you would enhance the current programming. Please be sure to provide specific examples and describe how you will implement such ideas. Also, speak to how you will balance your academic and personal commitments along with this position AND your leadership style and your ability to work as a team.
  2. Current (unofficial) Transcript
  3. Current Resume
  4. Name of SLU Faculty/Staff who will be completing recommendation form
  5. Name of Community Member who will be completing recommendation form (member of the local community is preferred, if non is available, a member of the community from hometown may be used)


Criteria for Selection
Since the Community Mentor Program is focused heavily on supporting existing and sustainable community partnerships, preference will be given to applicants who already have considerable experience working with local community partners associated with the specified Civic Engagement Themes (listed in next section), and who can demonstrate a high level of commitment to community initiatives.
All applicants are required to interview with a panel of CCE faculty, staff, and current CM’s.
As a Community Mentor (CM) of the CCE, the CM’s primary responsibility is to work with local agencies and organizations to develop, implement and coordinate campus-community partnerships designed to address unmet needs as defined by the community. Based on the interests and needs, the CM will be assigned to a specific Theme and Program as identified below.
1 - Most Preferred2345 - Least Preferred
Agriculture (ex. Birdsfoot Farm, Cornell Cooperative Extension)
Diversity and Culture (Ex. Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation)
Hunger and Food Issues (Ex. Free Will Dinners, Campus Kitchens Program)
Publicity and Events Planning (Ex. Shawna's Walk for Wishes, Kick it for a Cause, Social Media and Marketing, Professional Development Planning, Other Fundraising)
Social Issues and Advocacy (Ex. NYSARC, Correctional Facilities, Elder Issues)
Youth and Education (Ex. Branching Out with Books, Boys and Girls Club, Day Cares)
Please list specific dates, course names and placements.
Please list specific dates, event names and short description.
Please include agencies you have served with either through CBL or volunteering. Local agencies are preferred, however it should also include service done in hometown.
Please list activities, student organizations, and sports you are involved with on campus. Please list any executive positions you hold in student organizations.
Please note, if you have a valid US issued drivers license, you will be required to become certified to drive a University vehicle.
Required Application Materials
Please submit with this application (as a MS Word document) a brief essay (250 words) that describes your Civic Engagement Vision Statement. Under the themes section please pick the program(s) you would like to work with and speak to how you would enhance the current programming. Please be sure to provide specific examples and describe how you might get other student volunteers to assist in such programming. Also discuss the reason(s) why you are applying for the position of Community Mentor and speak to the leadership skills that you possess that would make you a good candidate for this position.
A copy of your current transcript must be included. A copy off APR is fine.
By submitting this application and entering your name and date below, you affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete.