Community Based Learning Student Contract

Student Information
Course Information
Ex: 100A, 290A, 247B etc.
Ex: Introduction to Community Based Learning etc.
Ex: 20, 40, 80 etc.
Course-Community Connection
Community Placement Information
Ex: Campus Kitchens Project
This is the person you report to at the placement site.
Ask your Community Placement Supervisor if needed.
Ex: Monday's 2pm-4pm
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.
Fulfilling all expectations of the CBL course/placement to include required hours, assignments and all expectation listed below. I understand that if I do not fulfill these expectations the CBL staff, the Professor or the Community Partner Supervisor has the right to remove me from the Community Placement *
I understand that if I am removed from my placement, I am not guaranteed another placement and this could reflect in the grade of my course *
Being drug and alcohol free prior to and during my Community Placement *
Arriving to every scheduled placement visit on time. However, if I must miss a visit due to illness; I will notify my Community Placement supervisor in advance, as well as schedule a date/time to make up the hours *
Conducting myself in a courteous and professional manner while at the Community Placement and following the appropriate dress code and other policies and procedures while at the Community Placement *
Abstaining from using all forms of technology while at placement site (i.e., cell phone/texting, iPod, MP3 players etc.) *
Contacting my Community Mentor, Community Placement Supervisor, Professor or CBL staff if any problems, emergencies, safety hazards, concerns or suggestions arise regarding the course and/or placement *
Being proactive in terms of my placement activities, taking initiative when my responsibilities seem unclear, asking for help or finding and suggesting ways of providing help when appropriate *
Considering all information as confidential concerning all employees and clients related to the Community Placement organization *
Reading and answering when appropriate ALL communication from the CBL staff, my Community Mentor, my Professor, and my Community Partner Supervisor to include phone messages, email, and campus mail *
Understanding that if transportation is not provided, it is my responsibility to provide my own transportation to and from my placement. Further, I understand that the CBL staff, my professor and my Community Partner supervisor is NOT responsible for providing transportation. *