CCE Housing Application

Before beginning this application, please have te following documents ready to upload:

  1. Civic Engagement Vision Statement (a brief essay (250 words) that describes your Civic Engagement Vision. Your statement should speak to the population you are interested in working with and how you would enhance the current programming. Please be sure to provide specific examples and describe how you will implement such ideas. Also, speak to how you will balance your academic and personal commitments to fulfill 20 service hours, three reflection sessions and two CCE sponsored events each semester- which is required as part of the housing commitment.
  2. Current (unofficial) Transcript
  3. Current Resume
  4. Name of SLU Faculty/Staff who will be completing recommendation form
  5. Name of Community Member who will be completing recommendation form (member of the local community is preferred, if non is available, a member of the community from hometown may be used)
Contact Information
Civic Engagement Interests
1 Most Preferred2 Preferred3 Least Preferred4 Not Preferred
Agriculture (Ex. Birdsfoot Farm, Cornell-Cooperative)
Diversity and Culture (Ex. Akwesasne Mohawk Reservation)
Elderly (Ex. Office for the Aging, Cyber Seniors Computer Class, Maplewood)
Hunger and Food Issues (Ex. Free Will Meal Program, Campus Kitchens, Church and Community Program)
Outdoor Leadership (Ex. Cornell Cooperative, Trail Building)
Publicity and Events Planning (Fundraising/Service Events such as Shawna's Walk for Wishes and Kick it for a Cause)
Social Issues and Advocacy (Ex. NYSARC, Persons with Developmental Disabilities)
Youth and Education (Ex. Middle School Mentoring and Leadership Programs, Boys and Girls Club)
Civic Engagement Experience
Includes athletics, student organizations, leadership panels, student government positions
Employment Experience
Transportation Information
Housing Resident Expectations and Requirements
Required Application Materials
Agreement & Signature