CBL Course Profile Form

This form assists the CBL office in maintaining records of courses as well as prepare for any logistical or bugetary needs. This form is required every time a course is offered in a given semester.

Any questions, please contact the cce office at cce@stlawu.edu or x5095.

Course Information
Ex. Spring 2012
Ex. Community Based Learning. If Cross-Listed, please list those departments as well.
Ex. 100A
Ex. Introduction to Community Based Learning
If it is not available, please send when ready to cce@stlawu.edu.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.
Community Based Learning Information
Ex. 20, 30, 40 etc.
Each semester the CBL office hosts a Festival of CBL where students reflect/share their CBL experiences through oral, poster or video presentations.
Van Transportation
If your class is riding together in a group to the CBL placement OR the course is being offered off campus, please answer the following questions. Please be aware that SLU transportation cannot be used unless students are willing to share the driving responsibilities and have been approved through Security as Certified Drivers. The CBL office will do everything possible to encourage the students to complete such training, however the faculty should instruct the students on this prior to the semester beginning.
If no, please skip to the budgetary section below.
If no, please skip to the Budgetary section below
Please indicate how many vehicles needed and what size you need. Car: Seats 5, Minivan: Seats 7, Full Size Van: Seats 11
Due to budgetary constraints, the CBL office requires respective departments to contribute towards the cost of transportation. Normally this amount ranges from $100-200 for the semester. The CBL office will also need an email from the Department Chair confirming such contribution. Please indicate what department and how much allotted.
Budgetary Needs
Some courses assign a project in the community where costs are associated. For instance, the project may need to be advertised or supplies are needed to put together an activity. Other costs might include something a student might need for an Independent Study. Additional line items are listed. Please take some time and explain in details what certain costs are.
Please enter anticipated cost
Please enter anticipated cost
Please enter anticipated cost: mileage rate is $0.50 per mile.
Please enter anticipated cost
Additional Comments