New CLAS Minor Requirements

Students must earn six units of CLAS credit, including electives from at least two departments and/or programs to complete the minor.

Among these, students must complete at least one of the following survey courses:
CLAS 104/HIST 115/GOVT104 Survey of Caribbean and Latin American Studies
CLAS/GOVT 228 Latin American Politics
CLAS/HIST 233 Colonial Latin America
CLAS/HIST 234 Modern Latin America
CLAS/SPAN 444 Survey of Latin American Literature
CLAS/SPAN 221 Latin American in Film
CLAS 105 Introduction to Latino Cultural Expressions: Music, Literature and Film

In addition, students must complete five units through courses that are dual- or cross-listed with CLAS, or offered in a suitable off-campus program. Suitable offcampus programs include SLU programs in Trinidad and Costa Rica, and ISEP programs in Latin America and the Caribbean; students must get the CLAS program coordinator approval in writing for off-campus units to count toward the minor. The electives must be in at least two departments and/or programs on campus.

Students may petition the Coordinator for credit for transfer courses, summer offcampus courses, pertinent internships credited in a SLU department or program, or off-campus courses pertaining to the region that are completed at SLU or ISEP off-campus programs.

If the student makes a successful proposal to the Coordinator of CLAS, an independent study or SYE with a Caribbean and/or Latin American studies focus may substitute for one of the five electives. The project may be supervised by any SLU faculty member.