New CLAS Minor Requirements | St. Lawrence University Caribbean, Latin American and Latino Studies

New CLAS Minor Requirements

This interdisciplinary minor offers students many paths to study current issues of power, human rights, social justice, development and sustainability, migration and transnational identities. Our requirements reflect this interdisciplinary and geographic breadth.

Students must earn six units of CLAS credit, including electives from at least two departments and/or programs to complete the minor.

Among these, students must complete at least one of the following survey courses:
CLAS 104/HIST 115/GOVT104 Survey of Caribbean and Latin American Studies
CLAS/GOVT 228 Latin American Politics
CLAS/HIST 233 Colonial Latin America
CLAS/HIST 234 Modern Latin America
CLAS/SPAN 444 Survey of Latin American Literature
CLAS/SPAN 221 Latin American in Film
CLAS 105 Introduction to Latino Studies

Students must complete an additional five units, which may include other courses from the list of survey courses. These five elective units will be courses that are multi- or cross-listed with CLAS. The electives must be in at least two departments and/or programs on campus.

Courses taken at the off-campus programs in Trinidad and Costa Rica automatically qualify towards the CLAS electives. Courses taken at an ISEP program in the Caribbean or Latin America also automatically qualify. Courses designated as CLAS and taught at the Madrid campus also qualify.

Transfer units, courses at SLU off-campus programs other than those noted above, summer courses and internships accredited through a SLU department that pertain to the Caribbean or Latin America may be counted if approved in writing by the CLAS Coordinator before they are taken.

If the student makes a successful proposal to the coordinator of CLAS, an independent study or SYE with a Caribbean, and or Latin American, and/or Latino Studies focus may substitute for one of the five electives. The project may be supervised by any St. Lawrence faculty member. In the event that the student wishes to count an independent study or SYE, written permission must be obtained in advance from the CLAS Coordinator.