CLAS Announces Fall Slate of Classes

The following slate of classes will be offered by Caribbean/Latin American Studies in Fall 2010:

CLAS 102A - Intro GSII:  Race, Culture and Identity - Dr. Stoddard (dual listed with GS 102A)
CLAS 104A - Survey of Caribbean/Latin American Studies - Dr. Jennings (dual listed with HIST 115A)
CLAS 201A - Advanced Spanish - Dr. Salvi (dual listed with SPAN 201A)
CLAS 201B - Advanced Spanish - Dr. Casanova-Merengo (dual listed with SPAN 201B)
CLAS 221A - Latin America in Film w/Lab - staff (dual listed with SPAN 221A)
CLAS 221B - Lab for CLAS 221A - staff (dual listed with SPAN 221B)
CLAS 224A - Caribbean Literature - Dr. Stoddard (dual listed with ENG 224A and ANTH 224A)
CLAS 228A - Latin American Politics - Dr. McConnell (dual listed with GOVT 228A)
CLAS 247B - SPTP: Clinical Effects of Globalization on Human Rights - Dr. Chew Sanchez (dual listed with GS 247B)
CLAS 247C - Optional CBL for CLAS 247B (.5 credit) - Dr. Chew Sanchez (dual listed with GS 248C)
CLAS 478A - SYE:  Atlantic Migrations - Dr. Jennings (dual listed with HIST 478A)