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The Minor

Minor Offered

Caribbean and Latin American Studies (CLAS) is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to the richness and diversity of the cultures, societies and ecologies of Central and South America, Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. Within the broader context of global processes and relationships, the program emphasizes understanding the experiences of Caribbean and Latin American peoples: political and economic structures and changes, both peaceful and violent; population processes and transitions; environmental stresses and local responses; post-colonial and cultural theories; forms of expression in music, dance and literature. Because of the program's global and comparative emphasis, the CLAS minor complements many of the University's majors and minors.

Minor Requirements

A CLAS minor serves as a strong foundation for graduate and professional studies and a variety of professional careers by preparing students to be informed and responsible global citizens. Please see the new requirements for the minor here.


CLAS minors are vigorously encouraged to study any of the major languages spoken in the Caribbean and Latin America.