Performance: Flor de Metal | St. Lawrence University Caribbean, Latin American and Latino Studies

Performance: Flor de Metal

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

As part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, there will be a performance by Flor de Metal.

Flor de Metal is a Mexican duo formed by Ivonne Torresdey and Leonardo Mendivil in the fall of 1995. The work of these artists has been basically developed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, however, the musical experience of each of them in different groups, they it has allowed presented in several cities in Mexico and US border cities.

Their work is performed mainly where there is a need of art. Their performances are not limited to exclusive venues, but they also play in the colonias, plazas, in meeting centers or places where the people need to express their inconformity, their thirst for justice… but also for love.

The poet Dr. Armando Arenas expressed the following about  Flor de Metal:

"Ivonne Torresdey and Leonardo Mendivil belongs to the musical literary movement, which has been called Voices of the Desert. (Voces del desierto). It is well-known around the world how dangerous is to live in these northern regions of Mexico, and art is not an exception. However, as the desert flower, which by virtue of being very few and strong, artistic expressions are alive in our environment with tenacity, effort and love.

Ivonne and Leonardo, members of dueto Flor de Metal CDJ, walk together for several years now, presenting us the pleasure of their singing and the consistency of their commitment to the people. Ivonne’s incredible voice, sweet, powerful, and at time with a sadness of a childhood, engulfs, caresses us, make us feel worry and excited. Leonardo guitar,  fresh water fall in our throats that are now so dry, and so longingly of his chords, which seem to be telling stories through the streets, through houses, bedroom.s... And together they remind us that the song, the good on, is also to think, to grow and to transform this world of ours. Our northern art and culture, is enriched by the loving work, the necessary presence and fraternal invitation Ivonne always Torresdey and Leonardo Mendivil, the CDJ Flor de Metal duet "

"Where there is need for a song, we'll be there"