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Volunteer for Shadow-A-Saint

 What is the Shadow-A-Saint Program?

The Shadow-A-Saint program is designed to provide St. Lawrence students the opportunity to explore a variety of occupational interests. Students seek out alumni volunteers in the geographical and career area of their interest and spend time shadowing and interacting with their mentor during a mutually convenient time.  Most often, this is during summer or winter break. 

How do Shadow-A-Saint sponsors benefit from the program?

Alumni volunteers have enjoyed assisting students in learning about career options, gaining insight into organizations, and experiencing the work environment first-hand.  They have been impressed with their student interactions and delighted to be engaged with motivated Laurentians.

What is the role of the Shadow sponsor?

Sponsors are expected to engage students and exchange ideas, while broadening the student's understanding of your industry and organization. Students are interested in learning what your job is like on a typical, or not so typical, day.  Students are not paid for their shadow experience.

Sponsors may offer suggestions regarding further exploration of career fields through internships and networking, or provide advice and guidance on the search process.

How do I volunteer to be a Shadow-A-Saint sponsor?

If you are interested in participating as a sponsor, please create a profile on Alumni Fire. The Alumni Fire platform will facilitate the matching process by allowing you to create a personal account which indicates if you’re interested in assisting Laurentians with a series of career-related tasks, including job shadowing. Within this system, you’ll also able to indicate the number of times per month you’ll be able to answer students’ inquiries, and whether or not you’re seeking interns. Students are also able to create an account, and search for alumni based on a variety of criteria including: location, industry, major, minor, class year or group (such as athletic team, campus club or Greek organization …to name a few).

Can parents or friends of the University participate as Shadow-A-Saint sponsors? 

Absolutely! The process will be a little different, as you will not be able to create an Alumni Fire profile. Please contact our office directly (315-229-5906 or careers@stlawu.edu) for more information.