STEP 4: EMPLOYER RESEARCH | St. Lawrence University Career Services


Employer and industry research can be done using a variety of means. Below you will see a variety of resources and strategies to use when conducting your research:

Research Tools:

  1. Lexis Nexis - Company Research Information drawn from a wealth of sources (Note: This site is only accessible from a campus computer)
  2. NACE Salary Survey - The National Association of Colleges and Employers offers the most accurate compensation data available. Click here to access the NACE Salary Calculator Center.
  3. Homefair - Includes a salary calculator that allows you to compare cost of living in different cities and states.
  4. - Comprehensive company, industry and market intelligence that drives business growth and includes a database of 12 million companies, with in-depth coverage of 30,000 of the world's top business enterprises.
  5. - Allows you to get career advice, do research on companies, industries, cities, salaries, and more, and find jobs.
  6. Riley Guide - targeting and researching companies
  7. Career Search - "Career Search is a powerful on-line employment research tool with a database of more than 1.5 million employers from every major sector in business and academia". It does not list jobs, but it is a great tool to find company and contact information based on industry, geographic region, and/or keyword searches. (Note: You will need to create an account using a SLU referral code. Please contact the office to gain code information)
  8. Glass - Gives you an inside look at company reviews, interview questions, & salary information for thousands of companies.

Employer Websites: Employer websites often contain valuable information for your prospective employer. This information will help you identify positions that match your skills/interests, draft a cover letter and prepare for an interview. Just remember when asking questions at your interview, you shouldn't be asking questions that can be easily answered from the home page of their site! Be sure to do a little digging and develop intelligent questions that stem from your research.

Career Resource Library: Career Services has additional employer and industry information contained in our hard copy library located in the office. Be sure to check out our VAULT Career and Employer guides that offer extensive information on prospective employers. You are welcome to check-out books from the library for 3-day time period. Visit us today to see the full library.

Networking: Be sure to check the SAINTSLink mentor program, Linked In and within your personal network to learn of others who work at the organization/company you are interested in pursuing. This internal perspectives good not only give you an edge when drafting a cover letter or preparing for an interview, but may also help you get your name recognized within the organization.