Shadow-A-Saint Typical Day Samples

Examples of a Typical Day for a few Shadow-a-Saint Sites

Berkshire Bank

Joe Richardson ’63, Director of Business Development

Joe structures the day for his Shadows so they spend time with many
members of Berkshire Bank’s staff and get to see the various jobs held
in different areas of the bank.  A previous Shadow spent her day as



Berkshire Bank Representative

8:30 to 10:30

Staff Meeting


10:30 to 11:00

Portfolio Management


11:00 to 1:30

Cash Management


Community Banking


Lunch at American Marketing Association

1:30 to 2:00



2:00 to 2:30

Mortgage Origination


2:30 to 3:00

Business Development

Joe Richardson

3:00 to 3:30

Commercial Banking


3:30 to 4:00

Commercial Real Estate


4:00 to 4:30



District Attorney’s Office of Kings County, Domestic Violence Bureau

Wanda Lucibello ’78, Chief, Special Victims Division

It varies quite a lot.  Since my day is often crisis-driven, I can
go from a policy- planning meeting on a topic like the implementation
of a new law on expanded definition of relationships that can qualify
for family court access, to discussion of trial strategy on a homicide
case.  On SLU student went to a precinct to watch an assistant district
attorney take a statement from a killer in a new homicide case.  They
have gone to court to watch trials.  It is all quite like law and


Gloria McAcam ’79, President and CEO

My days are all different, so there is no typical day.  When I have a
student shadowing me, I attempt to organize a day that shows a variety
of what I do.  I have taken students on calls on donors, to committee
or Board meetings, and out to food distribution sites.  I also try to
recruit a younger member of my staff to spend an hour or so with the
student.  This gives me a chance to read e-mail and such.  And it lets
the student see a job that is entry level, since obviously they won't
be going directly into a job like mine.

Rochester's Cornerstone Group, Ltd.

Roger Brandt ’80, President

Cornerstone is a real estate development, consulting and brokerage
firm which operates in the Western New York region. Founded in 1990,
Cornerstone has its main focus on developing affordable housing
apartment projects. Several students from St. Lawrence have shadowed at
the company.

A typical day would be spent attending some of the construction
meetings and site visits to our various apartment projects, industrial
parks or office buildings which is all in the course of a day at
Cornerstone for its employees and owners. Meetings are frequently held
with architects, engineers, lawyers and contractors as projects are
planned and executed. There have been times where we have had the
student actually do some computer work with spreadsheet analysis, and
the like. As we are a small company with only seven employees, most of
us share some of the

responsibilities in attempt to each get a chance to speak with the student in the course of their one day visit.

Tomorrows Children’s Institute, Hackensack University Medical Center

Sarah F. Donnangelo ’91, Coordinator of Educational Services

I have always included students who are shadowing me in every aspect of my day including:

  • Meeting patients and their parents as we discuss specific school needs
  • Attending department staff meetings
  • Attending patient specific meetings with involved hospital staff
  • Attending school visits that are conducted on behalf of patients
  • Attending school visits when presentations are done on specific cancers or cancer-related issues
  • View videotapes, review written materials
  • Interact with patients in our hospital classroom