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Elevator Speech

“The Elevator Speech” aka “The 30 Second Introduction”

I am a college student majoring in psychology. I am interested in sports administration. I am on several campus committees devoted to promoting and producing sporting events, both intercollegiate and intramural. My ultimate goal would be to land in sports marketing and sponsorship sales, but I am also interested in other areas. I got your name from the alumni office, and I wonder if you would have a moment to speak with me about the sports business.

Tell (a) who you are, (b) why you’re calling, and (c) what you want. Be straightforward, be direct, and remember to push hard for referrals. Broken down, here is the skeleton of a typical script for a thirty-second introduction:

Hello, __________________________. My name is ________________________. I was referred to you by ____________________________________. I’m interested in learning more about ___________________________. I wonder if you would have a moment to share with me any advice, ideas, leads and referrals.