What is Psychology?
This broad major is intended to orient you to psychology as a whole. You will learn about the science of mind and behavior, human individual and group behavior, the physical and environmental basis of behavior, and the analysis and treatment of behavior problems and disorders. This major relies heavily on exploring various theories, while looking at new research and techniques. It is designed to instruct you in psychological principles and methods; to provide the knowledge and skills required at the graduate level; and to offer the background needed to prepare you for work in possible professions as diverse as medicine, law, business, education, engineering, and others.

Although the major focus of the department is on psychological theory and research, students are also offered opportunities to use their knowledge of psychology in practical settings. These opportunities vary from semester to semester, but include courses of an applied nature in environmental psychology, community psychology, clinical psychology, independent study, and independent research projects designed by the student in collaboration with a faculty member. Numerous laboratory courses allow students to learn in a “hands-on” fashion, practicing research techniques, replicating experiments and investigating topics of individual scholarly interest. The department also operates a pre-school playgroup through which students, primarily in the developmental psychology course, may observe childbehavior and relate it to their in-class learning.

Working in Psychology
Characteristics and Skills Necessary for Success

  • Interest and skills in working with people
  • Research skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical Observation

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Sample Job Titles

Child Care Worker
Clinical Psychologist
Counseling Psychologist
Human Services Worker
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
Mental Health Counselor
Occupational Therapist
Probation Officer
Psychiatric Aide
Rehabilitation Counselor
School Psychologist
Social and Human Service Assistants
Social Worker
Substance Abuse Counselor
Vocational Counselor


Learning More About Psycholoty

Visit the Career Services office and check out our Career Resource Library which includes:

    • Great Jobs for Psychology Majors
  • Visit the SLU Psychology Department website
  • Check out Psychology course descriptions in the Catalog
  • Talk with a professor in Psychology about the major. Click here for a list of possible questions to ask.
  • Perform an informational interview with a professional in the field. Click here for information on how to find a professional, contacting them, and a list of possible questions.
  • Get connected with SLU alum in the field through SAINTSLink, participate in Shadow-a-Saint or complete an Internship.

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