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The study of philosophy develops our ability to make sense of ourselves and our surroundings.  Philosophers apply critical thinking to questions of values and beliefs in order to understand reality, clarify the nature of interactions between individuals and society, and come to terms with the problems of existence and ultimate values.  Different schools of thought in economics, history, psychology, and education are based upon differences in philosophy.  Political and religious beliefs and codes of ethic are based on philosophical assumptions.  Students who study  philosophy engage in the examination of their own beliefs, the resolution of conflicts, the search for a purpose to life, and the development of a basis for ethical decisions.

Religion studies examine spiritual belief, practices, and worship activities.  Undergraduate courses in philosophy and religion are geared toward the preparation for life rather than a specific type of work, and provide an excellent background for a variety of careers.  A background in philosophy and religion can help develop character and personal skills which are extremely important in most job situations: specifically, the abilities to listen carefully and critically; think clearly; analyze and organize ideas; write; defend one's position rationally; stimulate discussion; and question, confront, support, evaluate, reshape, and understand different points of view.

EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION Examples of Job Titles for Philosophy and Religion Majors: Some of these jobs require education beyond the bachelor's degree.
 Related Career Titles for Philosophy and Religion Majors

Administrative Assistant  Consultant  Lawyer  Public Policy Manager 
Announcer  Counselor  Lobbyist  Public Relations Representative 
Arts Consultant  Credit Analyst  Management Analyst  Public Service Official 
Assistant Buyer  Critic  Management Trainee  Rabbi 
Associate Pastor  Customer Service Representative  Marketing Research Analyst  Religious Bookstore Worker 
Author  Denominational Executive  Minister/Youth Minister Religious Education Teacher 
Business Administrator  Diplomat  Minister of Music  Religious Researcher 
Campus Religious Coordinator 
Director of Religious Education  Missionary  Religious Staff Writer 
Campus Minister  Editorial Assistant  Newswriter  Religious Educational Administrator 
Chaplain  Employment Interviewer  Nursing Home Director  Sales Representative 
Church Building Engineer Financial Consultant  Paralegal  Salvation Army Worker 
Church Camp Director  Fund-raiser  Pastor  Seminary Administrator 
Church Secretary  Guidance Counselor  Priest  Social Worker 
Claims Adjuster  Hospital Administrator  Producer/Director  Systems Analyst 
Clergy  Insurance Underwriter  Professor  Technical Writer 
Columnist  Journalist  Psychologist  YMCA/YWCA Worker 

Some Employers of Philosophy and Religion Majors:

Advertising Agencies
Consulting Firms
Colleges & Universities
Political Parties
Non-Profit Organizations
State & Federal Government
Religious Associations
Publishing Companies
Business & Industry
Newspapers & Magazines


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