Message to First-Year Family Members | St. Lawrence University Career Services

Message to First-Year Family Members

August, 2019


Dear First-Year Family Members,


Welcome! As part of the Laurentian circle, you have joined a distinguished community dedicated to preparing students for a lifetime of meaningful, productive work and engagement in an ever-changing world. The Office of Career Services and its partners across campus and throughout the extended St. Lawrence community are confirmed in the belief that a liberal arts education is the foundation for productive lives of purpose and meaning. We are committed to helping students to discover and explore careers and to develop the habits, skills and experiences to succeed.


Career development is a process. It’s never too early for your student to engage with us. We offer comprehensive resources at every stage in their development, from self-awareness exercises to internship and networking opportunities, and from individual career counseling to workshops and immersion programs.

Through programming and events designed to help students explore potential career paths, prepare for professional situations, write their resumes, practice for interviews and connect with alumni and employers, we strive to guide and inspire students to shine in what they learn at St. Lawrence, both in the classroom and beyond.


Your student will have access to exclusive online resources such as databases of local, national and worldwide internships and jobs, as well as an active and committed alumni community in all walks of life. They participate in career-focused events, offer internships and other experiential opportunities and consult with students about careers and graduate or professional schools. We also work with faculty advisors and academic departments to further students’ understanding of the applications of their learning and the wide variety of career fields in which that learning plays out.


We invite you to refer your student to us, early and often, and to become partners with us in encouraging experiential learning and career awareness as essential parts of the St. Lawrence experience. Encourage your student to get to know Career Services, its people and its resources! In particular, please make note of the upcoming events and advice on the reverse of this piece, and urge your student to take advantage of them.



Ron Albertson

Director Career Services

St. Lawrence University 315-229-5906


Sarah Coburn

Interim Senior Associate Director Career Services

St. Lawrence University 315-229-5906