Job Search

Conducting a job search requires a large investment in time and energy. Below is a step-by-step process to help ease your stress. The most effective way to conduct a job search is to combine a variety of strategies and to meet one-on-one with a Career Services professional. To set-up an appointment, contact Career Services at 315-229-5906.


Most all job applications require the submission of your resume. It is critical to have your resume in order prior to starting your job search so that is readily available for upcoming deadlines or requested through networking contacts. This guidebook will help you create a clear and concise resume that will be effective in your job search. Be sure to have it critiqued by a Career Services professional. Also, check out the media room to watch our Resume Workshop.


Networking truly is the #1 way to find opportunities! Don't overlook this strategy when conducting a job search. In this section you will learn more about the rules of networking and how to approach your current and potential networking contacts. You can also check out the Networking workshop in our media room.


In addition to networking, you can also use a variety of job search tools to compliment your job search. Visit this page to learn about many on-campus, off-campus and web resources to help you explore the many opportunities that exist.


In order to find job opportunities match your interest and skills, compose well written cover letters and prepare appropriately for interviews, you will need to do your homework on the potential employer. It is essential to illustrate to a prospective employer that you have done your homework and that you are sincerely interested in their specific opportunity.


A well written cover letter will illustrate your writing skills, demonstrate your interest in the position, highlight your experiences that match the qualifications of the position and align your career interests with the prospective employer. All of this needs to be done in a one-page document that follows standard cover letter formatting rules. See the Cover Letter workshop in our media room.


You must treat each interview individually and prepare according to the specific job description. There are a variety of different interview formats. Please use this reference as a guide for preparation, but also consult with a Career Services professional to gain insight on a specific employer and/or industry.


The St. Lawrence University recruiting program is a valuable service to both students and recruiters. Therefore, we ask that all participants conduct themselves professionally and act in good faith regarding the application, interview, and employment offer process. Students participating in the recruiting program are expected to adhere to the Career Services guidelines. These guidelines are in place to insure the integrity of the program for all participants. Career Services provides students the opportunity to participate in on- and off-campus recruiting for internships, post-graduate employment and post-graduate education.  On-campus recruiting is limited to currently matriculated students. Participation in the recruiting program is a privilege, revocable without written notification. 

REPRESENTATION All information that is submitted to Career Services or directly to a recruiter must be accurate. In addition to concerns of ethics and integrity, many recruiters verify information that is submitted by candidates. Any situation of falsified information in a SAINTSLink profile, resume, cover letter, application or other candidate documentation will result in limited access to the SAINTSLink recruiting system. If you repeat this behavior more than once, you could potentially lose access to all recruiting privileges for the remainder of the current academic semester. 

INTERVIEWS An interview is a professional commitment. Students are expected to attend all scheduled interviews for both on- and off- campus opportunities. For on-campus interviews students should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time and for off-campus interviews students must follow time guidelines provided for each event. Students are expected to dress in appropriate professional attire for all interviews unless specifically exempted by the recruiting organization. Failure to keep an appointment or late notification of cancellation is unacceptable. 

Cancellations – Cancellations are prohibited without sufficient notice. Any student who fails to give at least 48 hours notice will need to provide a letter of apology to Career Services that will be sent to the recruiter. 

No Shows – Any student who does not show up for an interview will be suspended from on- and off- campus recruiting until they schedule an appointment with the a Career Services staff member to discuss the reason for missing the interview. They will also need to provide a letter of apology to Career Services that will be sent to the recruiter. If the student repeats this action, the student will forfeit recruiting privileges indefinitely. 

EMPLOYMENT OFFERS Once an employment offer has been accepted, students are no longer eligible to apply or interview for positions. Students must withdraw all outstanding applications and cancel any scheduled interviews. Any student who continues to interview after accepting employment will lose access to all recruiting privileges for the remainder of the current academic year.

These guidelines are not all-inclusive. They are intended to serve as a framework within which the career planning and recruitment processes should function, and as a professional standard to be observed. If you have questions please contact Career Services.