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The study of the past broadens our perspective and allows us to discover the essential elements of human existence. Besides preparing students for careers in government service, law, teaching, business, advertising, and journalism, an education in history can lead to a variety of enriching careers.  Positions that attract history majors will likely require some of the following qualifications: experience, extensive knowledge of a particular time period or region, the ability to communicate with diverse groups of people, and good writing and research skills.  The term historian covers a broad range of career options and job settings.  In general, historians study, assess, and interpret the past to determine what happened and why.  They examine court documents, diaries, letters, and newspaper accounts; they conduct research, write, teach evaluate, and make recommendations.  They interview individuals and study archeological and artifactual evidence.  Schools, universities, libraries, and museums, government offices, and private enterprise are some of the job settings for history majors.


Examples of Job Titles for History Majors:
Some of these jobs require education beyond a bachelor's degree.
Related Career Titles for History Majors

Academic Advisor/College Counselor Editor Housing and Student Life Coordinator Paralegal
Actuary Editorial Assistant Human Resources Recruiter Park Ranger
Advertising Media Planner Educational Researcher Indicter Peace Corps / Vista Worker
Affirmative Action Representative Educational Sales Representative Information Systems Consultant Political Campaign Worker
Alumni Affairs Coordinator Employee Newsletter Editor Institutional Researcher/Historian Political Scientist
Anthropologist Energy Administrator Insurance Agent / Broker Preschool and Elementary School Teacher
Archeologist Energy Communications Specialist Intelligence Analyst Preservation/Restoration Assistant
Architectural Drafter/Technician Energy Researcher Intelligence Officer Psychologist
Archivist/Historian Environmental Administrator Interpreter Public Affairs Coordinator
Art Historian/Educator Environmental Communications Specialist International Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialist
Bank Research Analyst Environmental Researcher Investment Banking Analyst Trainee Publications Researcher
Biographer FBI / CIA Agent Journalist Radio/Television Researcher
Biomedical/Medical Research Assistant Film Production Assistant Judicial Clerk Real Estate Development Researcher
Career Planning and Placement Counselor Film Researcher/Copywriter Labor Relations Researcher Research Assistant
Clergy Financial Researcher Lawyer Secondary School Teacher
College Admissions Officer Foreign News Correspondent Lecturer Sociologist
College Development Specialist Foreign Service Officer Legal Assistant / Paralegal Special Program Teacher
Community Relations Director Freelance Writer Legislative Aide Student Activities Advisor
Compensation/Benefits Coordinator Genealogical Services Specialist Librarian Survey Assistant
Computer Instructional Designer Genealogist Library Aide Teacher, Social Studies
Congressional Aide Government Official Lobbying Researcher Technical Writer
Construction Surveyor Trainee Graphic Arts Illustrator Lobbyist Telecommunications Analyst
Consulting Operations Administrator Graphic Arts Photographer Market Research Trade Show Coordinator
Consumer Advocate Historian Market Research Assistant Travel Agent
Corporate Communications Specialist Historical Museum Administrative Assistant Market Research Assistant Account Executive Travel Consultant
Correspondent/Stringer Historic Preservation Specialist Market Research Project Supervisor Underwriter Trainee
Counselor Historical Projects Coordinator Market Research Statistician Urban Administrator
Criminologist Historical Research Assistant Media Consultant Urban Planner
Customer Service Representative Historic Site Tour Guide Museum Curator Urban Planning Research Assistant
Demographer Historical Society Staff Member Museum Technicians & Specialist  Writer / Author

Some Employers of History Majors:

  • Advertising
  • Broadcasting
  • Bureau of the Census
  • Business and Industry
  • Central Intelligence Agency / Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Department of State
  • Media
  • Museums & Archives
  • Paralegal Profession
  • Peace Corps / Vista
  • Politics
  • Public Interest Groups
  • Campaigns
  • Legislators
  • Political Parties
  • Research foundations
  • Schools and Universities
  • State and Local Governments
  • Travel and tour services
  • Administration & Legislation
  • Corrections & Court Systems
  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Highway & Street Construction and Maintenance
  • Housing & Community Development
  • Library
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Police & Fire Protection
  • Social & Welfare Services
  • Transportation


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