What is Government?
The government department at St. Lawrence University
introduces students to a broad range of political values, theories,
practices and institutions. Its focus is on issues of power and
justice, and how these two elements complement and confront each other.
The department engages students with these issues by encouraging them
to examine their own political attitudes and beliefs, and to take an
active interest in political life. Courses in the department develop
students’ ability to express themselves clearly and concisely; to
formulate and interrogate an argument; to reflect critically on the
soundness of their own and others’ points of view; to appreciate the
variety of approaches that inform the discipline; and to acquire
expertise and research literacy in its study. Ultimately, the
department seeks to promote in students the habits of intellectual
curiosity, self-reflection and open-mindedness that are the hallmarks
of lifelong learning. The curriculum of the department is designed to
educate students to be informed and inquisitive citizens and to be
conscious of their rights and responsibilities within local, national
and global communities. To accomplish these goals, students take
courses in four sub-fields: American Politics, Comparative Politics,
International Politics and Political Theory. Qualified students who
wish to deepen and expand their government experience may undertake
internships, community-based learning programs and independent or self-directed study.

Working in Government
Characteristics and Skills Necessary for Success

  • Interest in public policy issues, public figures, and the legal system
  • Able to do thorough research and analysis
  • Able to express yourself well, both orally and in writing
  • Able to understand statistical information, charts, tables, and graphs
  • Interested in public service
  • Outgoing and ambitious

Click HERE for a table on Career Areas, Employers, and Strategies for Employment

Sample Job Titles

Social Service Director
Political Scientist
Foreign Service Officer
Public Administrator
Human Resources Manager


Learning More About Government

  • Visit the Career Services office and check out our Career Resource Library

    • Great Jobs for Government Majors
  • Visit the SLU Government Department website
  • Check out Government course descriptions in the Catalog
  • Talk with a professor in Government about the major. Click here for a list of possible questions to ask.
  • Perform an informational interview with a professional in the field. Click here for information on how to find a professional, contacting them, and a list of possible questions.
  • Get connected with SLU alum in the field through SAINTSLink, participate in Shadow-a-Saint or complete an Internship.

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