LINC Mentor Survey

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a mentor to a first-year or sophomore student in the LINC mentoring program! We will use this survey to match you with a student. 

If we are able to match you with a student interested in a similar field, you will be provided the name and contact information for the student in early September. In some cases, the interest areas of student applicants do not line up with Mentor experiences, but we will do our best at making quality matches for all involved.  Thank You!

For Parent volunteers, please list the class year of your child(ren). i.e. P'17
Please indicate an e-mail address that you would like both the program coordinator and the student mentee to use.
Please note City, State or closest Metropolitan area.
Please provide a brief description (100 word maximum) of your current or most recent position. This description will be shared with your mentee, so that they may begin to know a bit about your career field.
Please provide any additional work experiences that you think may be relevant in consideration when making your match with a student.
Please share a few things that you enjoy in your free time.