Fine Arts

Fine Arts

What is Fine Arts?
In this program, you will study fine and studio art and
develop a basic appreciation for the composition of artistic works. You
will develop your skills in design and color and in the methods and
materials used in various forms of art. You will also learn about the
management of various art organizations, such as museums and galleries,
and conducting and promoting art events, such as shows and exhibits.

The program consists of both lecture and studio classes.
Studio classes help you to enhance your abilities to produce works of
art in various media. You might take classes in drawing, painting,
sculpture, or ceramics. You will also take a number of liberal arts and
humanities courses to expand your knowledge about yourself, history,
and contemporary society. These courses will help you to better express
yourself through your art.

Working in Fine Arts
Characteristics and Skills Necessary for Success

  • Interest in the visual arts and creating new ways for expressing ideas and emotion
  • Ability to think logically and critically
  • Good communication skills (orally and written)
  • Possess proficiency for accurate detail

Click HERE for a table on Career Areas, Employers, and Strategies for Employment

Sample Job Titles

Advertising Artist
Art Teacher
Exhibit Designer
Fashion Designer
Graphic Designer
Interior Designer

Learning More About Fine Arts

  • Visit the Career Services office and check out our Career Resource Library which includes:
    • Great Jobs for Art majors
  • Visit the SLU Fine Arts Department website
  • Check out Fine Arts course descriptions in the Catalog
  • Talk with a professor in Fine Arts about the major. Click here for a list of possible questions to ask.
  • Perform an informational interview with a professional in the field. Click here for information on how to find a professional, contacting them, and a list of possible questions.
  • Get connected with SLU alum in the field through SAINTSLink, participate in Shadow-a-Saint or complete an Internship.

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