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Teach English in China - Great Wall TEFL Info Session

10/26/15 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Room 10

Considering a Gap Year?  Interested in Teaching English in China?

Come to this information session on Monday, October 26 @ 7 p.m. (Carnegie 10) to learn the following:

  • What is TEFL and what does it look like? ("A day in the life of a TEFL teacher")
  • Top 6 reasons why TEFL in China upon graduation is the must-seize opportunity of our generation
  • What are the requirements to teaching English in China?
  • Top 5 red flags of nightmare TEFL situations + Top 5 green lights of solid TEFL situations
  • Recruiter's Corner: How to successfully interview (for) a school
  • Q/A Session
  • Free e-resource to be made available: Complete Guide to Preparing for TEFL Job upon Graduation (steps + timeline included)


  • Joe Moore, Recruitment Specialist for Great Wall TEFL

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