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Environmental Studies

Many occupations today require a college educated individual who can write and speak well, solve problems, learn new information quickly and work well with others on a team. This means that college graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields, and your future career may relate more to your personal career interests, work values and transferable skills than any specific academic major. However, the following list contains a representative sample of job titles of former graduates with an environmental science or environmental studies major. Use this as an idea list, and remember that it represents some, but certainly not all, of the careers you might consider.

Students obtaining employment immediately upon graduation are usually those with the best college records and a willingness to relocate to find a job. Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelors' degree.

Related Career Titles for Environmental Science Majors

Agricultural Scientist Ecologist  Forest Ranger  Oceanographer 
Agricultural Technician  Engineering Technician  Forester  Outdoor Trip Leader 
Air And Water Quality Manager Environmental Analyst Fund Raiser  Park Ranger 
Air Pollution Analyst  Environmental Consultant  Geographer  Pharmacy Technician
Architect  Environmental Educator  Geologist Project Manager 
Biochemist  Environmental Engineer  Geophysicist  Public Health Veterinarian 
Biologist  Environmental Engineering  Hazardous Waste Manager  Range Manager 
Biomedical Engineer  Environmental Health Specialist Hydrologist  Resource Economist 
Biotechnologist  Environmental Lawyer  Industrial Hygienist Seismologist 
Chemical Technician  Environmental Lobbyist  Journalist, Author, Photographer Soil Conservation Technician
Chemist Environmental Nurse  Management Consultant  Teacher 
City Planner  Environmental Physician  Meteorologist  Urban And Regional Planner 
Civil Engineer  Environmental Planner  Microbiologist  Water/Wastewater Plant Operator
Conservation Agent  Environmental Scientist  Natural Resource Specialist Wildlife Manager 
Conservation Systems Analyst EPA Inspector  Natural Resources Conservationist Zoologist
Consumer Safety Inspector EPA Statistician  Occupational Safety Specialist  
Earth Scientist Fisheries Conservationist  Ocean Technician   


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