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Career Exploration

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Some students come to St. Lawrence with a clear idea of what they want to major in, others come with options in mind, others are completely unsure, and still others change their minds once they've taken a few courses. If you look at careers our alumni are pursuing, you'll realize that it doesn't always matter what you choose to major in. Almost every field includes professionals who have majored in a variety of academic disciplines. This is one of the benefits of a liberal arts education. However, we understand that the process of deciding on a major or selecting a career path can be confusing and stressful. We're here to help.

Career Exploration Action Steps:

Start with Self-Assessment:

Identify your skills, interests and values. Call the office or stop by to make an appointment with a career counselor. We can discuss your ideas and get you started with FOCUS 2, a career and educational planning system that will help guide you through this process. Visit Handshake to explore our resources and check our calendar. Follow us on Instagram to learn more about our workshops and events.

Discover your Options:

Research using O'Net and Career Insider. Visit Spotlight on Careers in the resources section of Handshake, which will introduce you to the career paths of liberal arts graduates. Create a profile on LinkedIn and join the SLU Group, where you can access alumni profiles and begin making connections. Ask professionals to do informational interviews, attend Laurentians in Residence, and participate in Shadow-a-Saint.

Gain Experience:

Make an appointment with a Career Services Intern to develop a resume that effectively markets your skills and experience. Write a cover letter using the resources located in Handshake and have a Career Services staff member proofread it. Consider a variety of ways to gain experience in your field. This might include interning, volunteering in the community and/or conducting research.  Make sure to complete your profile in Handshake to search internship listings, including SLU-Connected opportunities.