The Alumni Mentoring System

The Alumni Mentoring System

Thank you for volunteering to be a career mentor! The alumni mentoring system contains the names of over 3000 alumni who have volunteered to assist SLU students and alumni with career advice through informational interviews. In some cases, alumni are also in a position to assist students and alumni in obtaining internships and/or job opportunities.

To be added to the mentor database, please complete the form found at:

If you are already a mentor and would like to update your information, please:

Log in to SAINTSLink using your own user id and password and make your changes

If you have forgotten your user id or password, e-mail or call our office at (315) 229-5906.

NOTE: Making changes on SAINTSLink will not change the entire SLU Campus network. To make these changes, please e-mail Marilyn Peabody at