Adham Mousa

Headshot of Adham Mousa, SLU 2018
Adham Mousa
Mathematics, Economics


Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC), Portland, ME

I work in the Underwriting department on analyzing old and present data that could help the firm price their policies better, as well as some involvement in actuarial analysis. I am also automating the underwriting process through creating pre-coded templates that could be easily used to perform a certain analysis.

Most Signifcant Experience
Besides continually learning, networking with a variety of members in the firm, ranging from the CEO to a first year analyst, has improved my understanding of the insurance industry as a whole and given me the opportunity to learn about the underwriting process in particular. Moreover, learning about people’s experiences at the firm, going out with them for lunch as well as sharing personal life stories have strengthened my relationship with them--something that I value the most.