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Natalie Herwood

Natalie Herwood, SLU 2020
Class year: 
Business in the Liberal Arts

National Life Group, - Montpelier, VT

I worked in the Compliance department at National Life Groups’ broker-dealer company, Equity Services Incorporated. I assisted with licensing and registration projects as well as branch exam/audit projects. I also participated in the intern project competition. I was assigned with six other interns to a project topic which culminated in preparing a 20-minute presentation to be presented in front of the entire company. My team placed third out of seven teams.  

Most Significant Experience
The most interesting or useful thing I’ve gained from this experience is exposure to this industry. I have had the opportunity to network with a variety of employees in the firm from the CEO and top executives to first year entry level positions. This included everything from formal networking sessions to less formal coffee dates. These are connections I hope to keep for potential future opportunities.


Natalie Herwood at National Life Group