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Emma Cummings-Krueger

 Emma Cummings-Krueger Portrait
Class year: 
English (Creative Writing)
Environmental Studies

The Minnesota Zoo

I work with all members of the Marketing team, which includes everything from event planning to social media and press release writing. I’ve even been able to collaborate with the graphic designers to produce a poster campaign. Most of my tasks are associated with producing text that will be used for advertising and outreach, but I’m also able to snap some cute animal pictures for the official Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

Most Significant Experience
I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of my specific strengths and preferences within the (expansive!) field of marketing. Although some of the other interns have chosen to work with the sales or design aspects of our department, I’ve focused mostly on writing and public relations. I really love interacting socially with people while on the job, and promoting something I’m truly passionate about. The intersection of animal/wildlife conservation and writing is something I’ve always hoped to find. Being able to create text copy and plan events related to Zoo programs really plays to all my strengths!


Emma Cummings-Krueger with colleague at Minnesota Zoo