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Elizabeth Hagele

Elizabeth Hagele, SLU 2018
Class year: 
Business in the Liberal Arts
Performance and Communication Arts

Studio71, New York, NY

With over 1,300 channels and 7B monthly views on YouTube, Studio71 is the media company for creators and is “Must See TV for People Who Don’t Watch TV.” Here at Studio71, I am working as a Brand Solutions Intern on the Vertical, Prospecting & Media Sales Teams. I am directly involved by working with my team on campaigns to incorporate major brands that are paired with YouTube’s top influencers. I also create and manage channel lists, briefs, talent slides, and have been working on a cohesive competitive analysis as our final project.

Most Significant Experience
The most interesting and useful thing I have gained from this experience is the exposure to this industry and necessity of time management and communication. I have always wanted to go into some sort of advertising/marketing but never really thought of YouTube as a niche market. TV networks realized that ad ratings were dropping and realized people were watching similar content but just in new places: YouTube. YouTube optimizes what people want to see, whether it’s ranging from beauty/fashion to family-friendly or music content, YouTube is the platform where consumers can interact with some of the top-leading brands and creators. 

Elizabeth Hagele, SLU 2018, at internship