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Angelica Munyao

Angelica Munyao, SLU 2019, Portrait
Class year: 
Computer Science and Mathematics

US Auto Parts Network, Inc., Carson, California

I developed a Customer Journey Map for as my internship project. This involved daily tasks of analyzing customer feedback to identify customer pain points, collecting data from reports on traffic, conversion and average order value using Blue Triangle and Adobe Analytics and researching e-commerce trends, all to identify points of improvement for the website. I also attended meetings with my supervisor, the director of product management, to attain an understanding of the product management department’s operations and project implementation, and I interviewed the CEO and department VPs to better understand their roles, the company’s structure and its operations.

Most Significant Experience
What I found most interesting about my internship is the exposure I got to various unfamiliar or slightly familiar concepts revolving around e-commerce: website performance analysis and key performance metrics, customer experience analysis and the importance of user-generated content. I also got acquainted with more advanced concepts in website development that would be beneficial to research, as I pursue a career in the field. Moreover, I discovered an area of interest that has been implicitly developing in me: the user experience. Last but certainly not least, I gained a greater appreciation for the knowledge and wisdom one can acquire from interacting with various people in and outside the workplace, gathering different perspectives and ideas.

Angelica Munyao, SLU 2019, at US Autoparts