Alex Kuno

Alex Kuno Portrait
Alex Kuno
Double Major-Environmental Studies and Economics

Purpose Energy, Inc., South Burlington, VT

Description of Organization
Located at the Magic Hat Brewery in South Burlington, Vermont, Purpose Energy builds patented anaerobic digesters specifically for the food and beverage industry. The company’s Tribrid-Bioreactors covert organic waste into clean water and clean energy. The benefits include a significant increase in a company’s bottom line, reduction in carbon footprint, onsite production of renewable energy and the ability to reuse wastewater.

My primary goal at Purpose Energy was to build and implement a successful Preventative Maintenance Program which would allow the company to keep track of their Inventory and equipment, thus cutting back on equipment downtime or breakdowns. In a typical day, I would shadow an employee and assist him in doing maintenance work, chemical work in the lab, and also learn some business strategy from the owner of this small and expanding company.

Most Significant Experience
I have been most interested in observing the thought process of the employees at this company as they constantly work to make their product better and sell more digesters. I think it was valuable for me to see the successes and hardships of a relatively new company where the sky is the limit and success is the only option. I can better appreciate the early stages of entrepreneurship after having this experience.

Alex Kuno