Saying Goodbye to the 315

by Jenna Levandowski


Ten weeks is not a lot of time. As I approach the very end of this internship, I cannot help but describe this moment as bittersweet. I feel as if I am really just beginning to understand my place in the GardenShare office, how I am most productive, and what exactly it is that I do. However, I am excited to finally feel like a college graduate. It is hard to get a grasp on the life of an alumni when you are still walking around the same campus you stepped foot on as a freshman four years prior. The end of this internship marks the finale of my St. Lawrence student experience.

Through GardenShare, I was able to meet amazing people in the community that have completely redefined what I think of the North Country. I have such a new appreciation for the eclectic group of people who either sell or buy local produce. One of my favorite experiences has been visiting the Canton Farmers market on Tuesdays and Fridays and being able to reconnect with the farmers that I had previously interviewed for blog posts.

This internship has continued to strengthen the many little interests I had budding in the beginning of the summer. It also has challenged so many perceptions I had towards helping food insecure families. GardenShare’s efforts should be appreciated and adopted by local organizations everywhere. I can only hope that I can continue to help them by educating others on what I have learned.

Over the past ten weeks a very small percentage of St. Lawrence students transformed the entire campus into their playground. I spent so many evenings hanging out with people I had never met before but have gone to school with for years and inhabited spaces that I rarely visited throughout the year. Graduating seems like a missed opportunity to continue these diverse relationships on campus in the fall. I’m envious of the summer interns who will be walking with their group of friends in the student center and meet eyes with the person they became friends with this summer for the first time.

This has been such a rewarding and unique experience, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I only wish that it could have been able to prolong my unwillingness to leave Canton longer.