Reflecting on my Time with Renewal House

by Katherine Lloyd


My summer as a SLU PIC intern has proven to be incredibly transformative, enlightening, and fun. As my time working for Renewal House is drawing to a close, I am able to reflect on what an incredibly valuable experience working for this organization has been. Not only has it allowed for vast amounts of personal growth, but it also gave professional experience in the exact field that I am hoping to get into. It allowed for me to expand my perspectives, question our system and society, and reflect on my own positionality and experiences. It introduced me to amazing people who have served as role models and opened my eyes to the vast amount of need in our world for dedicated non-profits staffed by those determined to make change. Throughout my journey, my incredible co-workers have helped me each step along the way as difficult situations arose and empowered me to grow in my role as an advocate. The opportunity to provide direct service gave me valuable experience that has altered my previous perceptions of the world, while my work on the administrative side, working with grants and creating a resource manual, allowed me to better comprehend the inner workings of the non-profit sector.  

Another aspect of this internship program that I really appreciate is the rare chance to experience St. Lawrence in the summer. It offered a more intimate campus experience, allowing the few students on campus to forge deep friendships and experience a more serene campus. Local gems were discovered, and the beautiful lush greenery of the area and warm weather were thoroughly appreciated. Adventuring on the breathtaking countless local trails and enjoying the summer festivities of the North Country allowed for a more community based experience compared to that of the hectic semester.

Overall, my time as a SLU PIC intern was incredible as it allowed me to continue growing here in the North County while having fun and deepening my involvement in the community. As soon as my time with Renewal House ends, I will be moving to Rochester to begin graduate school where I will be working to obtain my master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. With this, I hope to continue the work I started at Renewal House, eventually planning to serve as a therapist for domestic violence survivors. I feel thoroughly prepared to enter this counseling program after my internship as it has left me with valuable knowledge and experience that I know will serve me well in the near future. I am incredibly thankful for this internship and hope that I was as valuable to Renewal House as it was to me.