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Pollinator Protection Program

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Things are surely taking off as I’ve reached the midway point of my time working for the Pollinator Program! I am currently immersed in an intensive effort to launch a new webpage and citizen science project. I have been attending weekly Nature Up North web team meetings at SLU and have come to understand the background work that goes into developing and maintaining web content. Details as simple as a graphic icon take patience to create and implement, as I learned yesterday when determining what icon should appear as an option in a web survey I am helping to develop. 

Outside of the digital content, I am looking forward to creating outreach materials once the website and citizen science component are complete. As an environmentalist, I am familiar with most species of trees, frogs, and flowers in the North Country. However, I know very little about identifying pollinators. I will be creating resources displaying different local pollinators, so there is plenty to learn on my end, as well! Along with local pollinator resources, I’ll be developing content on fertilizer and pesticide use, local flower species, solitary bees, and anything else I come across. I’m excited to expand my personal field of knowledge while simultaneously generating materials that are beneficial to both the organization that I am working for and the local community. 

While the summer is flying by and my time working for the Pollinator Protection Program will be over all too soon, I am facing a busy final three weeks as I strive to complete all that I can before I leave. Working with Local Living Venture, the WISER Center, and Nature Up North, has been productive and exciting thus far, and it is extremely rewarding to see how far the Pollinator Protection Program has developed this summer since I’ve been a part of the team!