Last Bits and Pieces

by Margar Harutyunyan


I am in my last week of internship, and it is the perfect time to rationally and emotionally reflect upon the personal development that I achieved through last 9 weeks. It has been interesting, intriguing, challenging and rewarding. In DRC, we worked on projects ranging from development of databases to proposing a new marketing plan. I am inclined to believe that each day in DRC has been a huge contribution for my development.

First of all, I worked with the co-founder and executive director of the DRC, which extended my prospective. Every day, we had interesting and intriguing conversations and discussions on every project we developed. We started our projects from scratch and developed them further by constant feedback. This was a truly fascinating experience for me to always communicate and collaborate with someone who has an arranged vision for the organization and is highly dedicated to the work. I tried my best to blend my ideas, thoughts, and opinions with the vision and specific idiosyncrasies of the organization.

My involvement in this internship was not only limited to office work.  Through this time I lived with other SLU PIC interns. I was the youngest intern this summer, and it was an amazing opportunity for me as a new international student to spend my time understanding and integrating to the campus culture. I loved getting to know each intern as they are so unique, different, dedicated friendly and supportive. Moreover, my interactions with them have left me inspired, amazed and motivated. I formed very close friendships with these people and loved spending time on activities together. These interactions deepened my emotional connection with the SLU PIC interns, the program and the university. Conversations we had inspired me and gave me new and innovative thoughts that we implemented in DRC. For everyone reading this blog, I would have liked for you to visit St. Lawrence University and immersed yourselves in SLU PIC interns’ environment. You would have seen commitment, rising social awareness and ethical responsibilities that we developed through interning in our respective organizations.

I have highlighted interactions with my peers and internship supervisors, but thus far I have not mentioned anything about SLU PIC organizers who had their vital contribution in every aspect of our lives here. They organized biweekly meetings for us to reflect upon our experiences and discuss important issues. They helped us, reached out to us and encouraged us to be more and more involved and proactive. It was very nice to have them as advisors and supervisors.   

Last but not least, this internship was a chance for me to try myself in a field of data, statistical, and financial analysis. It was a really interesting for me to put my knowledge acquired in the classroom to a use that would benefit the organization and education they promote for St. Lawrence County. I found out that I very much enjoy using data and statistical techniques in real life financial analysis.

Overall, this experience helped me understand local culture and organizational structures. It helped me form invaluable friendships and connections with SLU PIC interns, organizations as well as SLU PIC program organizers. It was honor for me to work with such dedicated, focused, and friendly people.