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Just the beginning

Monday, June 17, 2019

From the day I was offered this internship, my excitement was through the roof. I knew what a great opportunity it would be to learn about St. Lawrence County, engage in the community, and advance my skills within the marketing and tourism fields. So far, working with the SLC Chamber of Commerce has been just as beneficial and rewarding as I’d hoped. I have learned so much already, and I anticipate there is much more to come.

These first two weeks have been slightly sporadic due to a short family vacation that broke up the work weeks, however I still feel as though I have a solid grasp on my initial thoughts and feelings towards the internship. As soon as I got here on my first day, I dove right into one of the major projects for this summer, The Bassmaster Elite. As one of the largest and most popular events in the county, this fishing tournament/summer festival is a priority when it comes to marketing. Right off the bat I was included in the marketing plans for the event and put in charge of social media promotions. The responsibility of leading the marketing plan was slightly intimidating, yet encouraging. I was not expecting such a large role as a brand-new intern, so I guess I was slightly thrown off guard. I was forced out of my comfort zone because I was not familiar with the details of the project or the event. I did a lot of individual research, asked a lot of questions, and took a few risks. And while this was definitely an uncomfortable task in the moment, I can reflect now and see that this was extremely beneficial. Had I come into this new job and been walked through all the baby steps, I would not have gained the confidence I have in the position now.

Something I have really enjoyed about this internship thus far is the amount of information I have learned about the county and the community. I’ve been invited into a brand new, inside-scoop perspective on all aspects of the community I have lived in for the past three years. I am meeting and consulting with influential leaders across Canton and the county, sitting in on important meetings, and contributing to the decision-making process on a number of county wide projects. Going into this internship and the SLU PIC program, I knew I would be introduced to a lot of new ideas and experiences centered on the North Country community. However, I feel as though I have unique and awesome advantage here at the Chamber to learn about a number of organizations, their history, their future, and more. Overall, I can’t wait to continue my work, continue to learn, and continue to push my boundaries and grow as an intern and as a member of this community.