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Fundraisers, Family Fun Days, and Independence

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Jake’s on the Water dinner/fundraiser for GardenShare was the first I have ever been involved in, and the atmosphere was entirely different than anything I’ve experienced. Everyone I encountered was someone who donated their time and money to our cause. They were why we can do what we do. The generosity and charity were palpable and impactful, although in a sense it was strange to see the faces behind the money. One of the new tasks I was given, both during and after the dinner, was interviewing patrons and farmers. This process taught me a lot, and I loved learning about interviewing and camera angles and essentially the basics of how to professionally conduct an interview.
After interviews and fundraising ended, I really began working on creating a promotion plan for my Family Fun Days in Canton. I began organizing my press releases, creating flyers, and pushing the events on Facebook. Due to my minimal budget, I have had to create a lot of my own activities by hand with the supplies sometimes donated by others, and this presented a unique challenge that has continued to push me in my creativity.
I, due to staffing challenges in the office, I found myself in the role of acting marketing manager in Canton a few times. This presented some new tasks and better allowed me to understand GardenShare’s role at the market.
As the internship has gone on, I have been given more and more responsibility and freedom. I am excited to take control of my Family Fun Days and challenge myself as a project leader. I have been working on my graphic design skills and people skills, and so far, this internship has taught me so much. I am excited for what else I can learn and do, that maybe I could not do before, or did not think I could do.