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Finishing Up At FRAM

Thursday, August 8, 2019

These last few weeks at the Frederic Remington Art Museum have been bittersweet. I’ve gotten to see my hard work digitizing begin to pay off and have managed to have even more fun along the way both at work and at home, but sadly it’s time for another summer at SLU to come to a close.

It seems crazy to think that eight weeks have already passed in what feels like the blink of an eye, at least until I take stock of what I’ve achieved this summer. I’ve officially digitized over 600 original sketches by Frederic Remington (and a handful of others). While that’s still only a fraction of the collection, it’s more than I thought I would be able to finish. My initial goal was to reach 450 sketches at least, and instead I managed to digitize every loose sketch we could find at the Museum, save for a few that are currently on display in the Museum gallery.

I got to see some of the immediate benefits of my project in the last few weeks when it came time for the Museum’s artist in residence, Rich Fedorchak, to curate an exhibit. He was able to find multiple sketches that are currently on display in the Museum’s gallery with the help of the newly updated, searchable records that I’ve spent the summer working on. A few were even sketches that I’d recommended! Seeing the work that I’ve been doing pay off in this way was incredibly rewarding. I’m excited to see what the future of this project brings, as hopefully one day anyone with internet access will be able search through FRAM’s collection with the same ease. 

As I reflect on my experience this summer, I realize that I’ve had so many similarly rewarding experiences, both in and out of work. I got the chance to make some Remington-inspired buttons that I can take with me to remember the Museum and the great summer I’ve had here. I’ve explored new parts of the North Country and found lots of new and incredible places that I think will continue to be favorites of mine throughout the rest of my SLU experience (lookin’ at you Birchbark Bookstore and Lee’s Hawaiian Grill). I’ve tried out new recipes and found that I really enjoy cooking. I’ve gotten closer with some great friends and even made some new ones along the way. All in all, I’ve had a truly wonderful summer and I am so grateful for the opportunities to participate in the SLU PIC program and to meet and work with such great people at FRAM (Fred, himself, included).