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Final Weeks at Canton Day Care Center

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The past nine weeks have flown by, and it is hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of my internship. As I am finishing up my projects, I am thinking about the lessons I have learned, and how I have grown over the course of the internship.

By working at Canton Day Care Center I have learned a lot of skills that I will take forward with me as I move into the work force. I can now say that I am able to work with websites and write grants, two skills that I did not have prior to this internship. In the non-profit world where money is always an issue and employees must wear multiple hats, adding these skills to my repertoire will make me more effective in future endeavors.

This experience has also improved my ability to communicate, made me more direct in asking for what I need to be successful, and more confident in learning new skills.  Working in a more independent way without supervisors or professors gave me a sense of what a real-world work environment can be like, and I am now more comfortable in a professional setting.  Learning about the intricacies of running a small non-profit has allowed me to learn about how effective organizations are managed, and made me think about how I would operate my own business in the future.  I will bring these skills with me as I more forward into future endeavors in the nonprofit world, and know that they will make me a more marketable job candidate, a good employee, and excellent boss.

The projects I have been working on will continue long after my internship has finished.  The daycare still needs several hundred thousand dollars in additional funding to bring the expansion to fruition. It is projected that the fundraising will take several more years, and will include more grant applications and a more extensive local business campaign. The grants I have written, even if all proposals are accepted, will only be a contributing part in the overall fundraising plan, but I am hoping the funds will have a meaningful impact on the renovation by providing funds to move the project in the right direction.. 

I hope that Canton Day Care Center continues to have a relationship with SLU PIC in the future, as they will need continued support with fundraising. Another intern could provide continued support to the capital campaign, and potentially write grants and create partnerships with local businesses. As the first summer intern Canton Day Care Center has had, I feel that this position can be built upon for the mutual benefit of the SLU PIC program and Canton Day Care Center.