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Community Outreach

Monday, July 23, 2018

The past few weeks at Church and Community Program have been full of learning experiences. I am continuing to learn more about the North Country and working on projects with the food pantry. My focus has been on our senior outreach program. There are many senior citizens in the local area who are eligible for the food pantry but do not take advantage of this resource. The purpose of our senior outreach program is to give information about the food pantry to eligible senior citizens. Church and Community Program is doing this through giving free fruits and vegetables to senior citizens in low income housing once a week for the summer and part of the fall. We have received grants for this project in order to purchase the produce along with supplies for the project. We hope that by meeting us, hearing about what we do, and getting our information along with fruits and vegetables, eligible senior citizens will want to visit the pantry. We have been communicating with the housing facilities, promoting the program, planning logistics and collecting information on resources for them such as information on Gardenshare and free community meals in the county. This project is officially beginning next week and I am eager to see how it all works out! We have put a lot of thought and effort into making this program successful and I am looking forward to it starting! I am eager to meet more members of the community, talk to them about Church and Community Program, and offer them food along with resources.

In addition to working on the outreach program, I have been working in the food pantry and thrift shop, interacting with volunteers and community members. I have worked on various computer projects, doing research and updating spreadsheets. All of this research is contributing to the organization of the food pantry and to benefit those receiving food from the pantry.

I feel as though I have already learned an immense amount about food insecurity and the North Country community through this internship and I look forward to learning more. I am excited for the outreach program to kick off and to learn from that experience as well. I hope to make the most of these last few weeks and contribute what I can with the time I have left as an intern at Church and Community Program!