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Breaking the SLU Bubble

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

When I first read about this internship opportunity, I knew I was interested. I wasn't the biggest go-getter at SLU, so this was unusual for me. I was part of a variety of clubs and was even in a theme house, but when I got emails about summer job opportunities I normally deleted them. I wanted to break free from the SLU bubble every summer and explore a new place, find a new home. By chance however, I took a moment to read the email and the actual job description. It fit everything I was looking for, to a T. I had been a part of a Spanish NGO while participating in the year-long SLU Madrid program. I found it to be an amazing experience and missed my time there. There in my inbox was the opportunity to work for another not-for-profit organization and use my Spanish. I was actually qualified for that job and had relevant experience.

As a graduating senior I was not quite certain what I wanted to do afterwards, and honestly still am figuring out my plan. What I do know is that I want to work and help people and incorporate my Spanish degree. I've enjoyed working for a Spanish NGO and see myself doing something along those lines in the future. This summer job is an amazing opportunity to further that dream of mine. My initial reason for not looking at summer campus jobs has been completely eradicated. This whole project, the SLU PIC internships, is designed to burst the SLU bubble. I get to be engaged with a community that's new to me, and actually the one that was just further down the road from me during my time at SLU. This feels like an amazing conclusion to my college experience. 

The job itself is different than I expected, though what I would be doing exactly had been kept vague. Working in a startup nonprofit I've discovered that that is normal, we're figuring everything out as we go. I am not just an intern in the office, sitting at my desk all day translating. I am the entire Spanish department. The development of the Spanish component of the services offered at Viable Options is the long term goal. In order to achieve this I have been researching anything from Hispanic cultural values to counseling with an interpreter. I do have to translate all of the material, but I also get to develop the material as well as run a marketing campaign. This whole experience was designed to show us what it was like to work a full time job, and I would say that so far it's been successful. I have responsibilities and feel like I am an equal member of the team. I'm very grateful for my time so far at Viable Options.