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Talk: Augmenting data analysis with interactive web graphics

Interactive web graphics are great for communication, but are more difficult to leverage during data exploration. Even before the web, interactive graphics helped data analysts quickly gather insight from data, discover the unexpected, and develop better model diagnostics. Web technologies, however, are not designed to fit inside an exploratory data analysis workflow where rapid iteration between data manipulation, modeling, and visualization must occur.

Public Health Alumni seminar

Public Health done by SLU Bio and Neuro Alumni!

Friday, November 3, 2017

1:15-2:15 pm, Valentine Hall 205-206

Join us to hear about the Public Health experiences of SLU Biology alumni Faye Andrews '10 and Neuroscience alumni Emily Adams '16.

Faye will discuss the range of responsibilities she has had in Environmental Health leading up to beginning her pursuit of a PhD in Environmental and Occupational Health this fall at Oregon State University.

Q-Club Meeting Oct. 24, 2017

Presenter:  Yue Yang
Title: Counting Young Tableaux of a Given Shape
Abstract: My summer research focused on understanding the basics of Young diagrams and Young tableaux, and worked on the relationship between Young diagrams and Catalan numbers. Furthermore, this research discussed about how to introduce half-integers in Young tableaux, which becomes the main topic of my SYE.

Q-Club Meeting

Tiara Davis,  of St. Lawrence is the Assistant Director of Career Services and Student Development
Some topics of discussion include but not limited to:

How to get in touch with alumni, etc. regarding both full time employment and internship opportunities.

Last Q-Club meeting for the semester April 25th

Soukaina Alami Idrissi
Abstract:  Dailyhabit is an online web application which lets you keep track of your daily habits and long-term goals. I started this project during the web programming course with Prof. Lisa Torrey and turned it into a Senior Year project.  I will be talking about how I acquired a domain and launched the website online, as well as the different tools and functionalities that I added to the web application.


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