Sykes Residence

Writers Series presents - Sue Halpern

Sue Halpern is the author of four nonfiction books on topics as far-ranging as the migration cycles of monarch butterflies, the pleasures of solitude, the front lines of memory research, and life (and bicycling) in the Adirondacks, where she lives part of the year with her husband, the environmental activist and author, Bill McKibben. Her novels include The Book of Hard Things, a children’s book called Introducing Sasha Abramowitz, and the forthcoming Summer Hours at the Robbers Library.

Citizen Journalism as Activism: conference kickoff

The Weave News 10th anniversary conference on "Citizen Journalism as Activism: From Local to Global" will kick off on Friday, September 22 with a lunch and plenary panel on "10 Years of Citizen Journalism." For more information on the conference, including registration details and a full list of panels, workshops, and other activities, please visit


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