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Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 3/4

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, St. Lawrence University will be one of 125 locations around the globe to host a 2016 Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon.  Last year, over 1,500 participants at more than 75 events created nearly 400 new pages and made significant improvements to 500 articles on Wikipedia.  Since the group’s founding in 2014, edit-a-thon focus areas include female artists, works of art by women, social reformers, activists, and feminists.

Traditional Irish Music: Dana Lyn and Kyle Sanna

If you are a fan of traditional fiddle & guitar folk music, these are two musicians you won’t want to miss.

Dana Lyn has collaborated and performed with a wide range of artists including the Grammy Award-winning vocalist Susan McKeown, Tony-Award winning playwright Stew, Irish poet Louis de Paor, D'Angelo, the Brooklyn Rider, indie artists The Walkmen, Damien Rice and Will Oldham and noted actor-director Ethan Hawke.

mobile device ensemble

SoundSandBox is the music department’s experimental music ensemble, and this semester we find them making music with smartphones and tablets. What is the sound of one iPhone clapping? How many tablets can dance on the head of a pin? Join director Chris Watts and his merry band of smartmusicians as they seek the answers to these and other important questions, while filling the Underground with strange and wonderful sounds.


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