Hepburn Hall

Lecture: Amelia Bell Bryson '10

Amelia Bell Bryson '10 is an attorney for the US Department of Labor and previously served as a Fellow at the National Women's Law Center. She will talk about her experiences working for the federal government as well as advocating for women's rights and social justice. In addition, Amelia will offer advice for students pursuing careers in government, law, and public policy.  Her lecture is titled "Advocating for Women's Rights and Worker Justice in Washington, D.C."

RS Prof to participate in Trump presidency panel discussion

Visiting Assistant Professor Damon Berry will participate in a panel discussion on the Trump presidency this Tuesday.

"What to Expect from a Trump Presidency: A Discussion with Faculty"

Professor Alan Draper: “Trumpism and the Decline of the Labor Movement”
Professor Fred Exoo: “How Did This Happen?" rounding up some causes, from the distal (the right-wing surround sound system) to the proximate (James Comey) for Trump's victory.”

Trustees Present

Several SLU trustees will present on “Securing a Position in the Corporate World or the Federal Government.” Students interested in internships and careers in government or in corporations are welcom to attend this presentation next Wednesday, October 19, 4pm in Hepburn 218 (Auditorium). 


Richard D. Church Lecture in Neuroscience

Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., PhD, SUNY Albany

Psychology Professor Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., is an evolutionary psychologist interested in reproductive competition and the biology of interpersonal attraction.

Dr. Gallup, former editor of the Journal of Comparative Psychology, has more than 250 publications on topics such as self-recognition, the evolution of intelligence, human reproductive competition, semen chemistry and behavior, predator-prey relations, paternal assurance tactics, rape avoidance strategies, and the biology of interpersonal attraction.


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