Griffiths Arts Center

Les Canards Chantants: Dowland’s Table

Les Canards Chantants will perform Dowland's Table. Dowland’s Table invites audiences to experience this music as it would have been enjoyed in Dowland’s time: seated around the table alongside the musicians of Les Canards Chantants, with the intimacy and spontaneity of a gathering of friends making music for pleasure. In this context, the music comes alive and the beauty and charm of the words arises naturally out of the atmosphere in the room.

Mirari Brass Quintet

Engaging and eclectic, the Mirari Brass Quintet brings a spirit of joyful collaboration and innovation to music spanning many centuries and genres. The commissioners of multiple new works for brass, the group performs a spectacular tight-rope act, balancing intensity with levity and refined virtuosity with pure fun. More information and sound bytes may be found at

Free admission. Open to the public.


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